Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Last Day

Today is the last day to nominate someone for the photo package giveaway in connection with Help-Portrait! Entries must be received by midnight EST tonight, Wednesday, December 9th.

Remember, the person you nominate doesn't have to be living on the streets, without a job, or have survived a crisis (although all of those things are definitely great reasons to nominate someone). They simply need to be in need of something - be that hope, friendship, love, or encouragement.

Submit your nominations by clicking here. If you need a refresher or if you missed my original post on this topic, you can read full details here.


And what's that? You LOVE seeing pictures of my dear Savannah and you'd like to see another one? Why of course, dear Internet. Anything to appease you....

wm e DSC_0390

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of what my dear friend Susan said when you were a baby and I had the red/white lacey thing on top of your "nonhair" and she said "It always amazes me what moms put on top of their baby's heads!" Gotta love her.