Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And Then The Power Went Out

It was cold today. Like, really cold. It started out cold and windy and it got colder and windier all day. And then, right after my husband got home, the power went out. Perfect.

It reminded me of a day last year when the power went out and it was extremely cold outside. The three kids and I all piled into one bedroom (okay, our bedrooms are not that small that we had to pile), snacked on crackers, and tried to keep ourselves warm with the heat of 6 small candles. It didn't work. And if I remember correctly, right about the time I decided to call it quits, the power came back on. Isn't that usually how it works?

Anyway, that doesn't really have anything to do with today. So our power went out. Thankfully we were already planning to get a fire started this evening, so we set right to work on that. My husband has gotten pretty good at making fires (he used to be terrible, seriously - like, the entire house would fill with smoke and then he would finally give up - but don't tell him I said that), but today for some reason it just was not happening. Actually, it was probably my fault today. I stacked the wood and most likely did something wrong. The fire would take and then die down. And then back up again. And then back down. Really fun. Especially when its our only source of heat.

I had a few candles burning downstairs. When the kids weren't complaining about how scary it was in the dark, they were running around like maniacs. Must have been pretty scary. I finally decided I was going to go upstairs and retrieve some more candles. As I got to the top of the stairs I heard the power switch back on.

I actually considered (momentarily) turning all the lights off and just using candles, but since my husband was pretty exhausted - and also since the kids' room was a disaster and need some serious light-filled cleaning - I decided I should probably let things be.

Our evening was a little more hectic than planned, but it all worked out. I love my family. :)

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Anonymous said...

looks like a good fire to me!
I love my family too :)
u r rite I cannot sleep!