Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jacob | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

What a sweet little guy! He put up quite the power struggle, but we finally won after he got his afternoon meal and fell sound asleep.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sienna & Etsy | Indianapolis Child Photographer

I've been meaning to get some updated pictures of Sienna taken for quite some time, but with the new baby and all....well, it just got put on hold. She was a great sport today, which was extra convenient since she was also doing some product modeling of this adorable hat from Etsy seller Under The Oak Trees Kids.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Smiley Babe | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I'm on such a roll this week. I know you're proud of me.

Now will you all please tell me if you've ever seen a cuter smile on a 3-week old baby?

wm e DSC_0318

I didn't think so.


Sometimes I hate change. Like when it comes to someone loading the dishwasher differently than I do. I expect it to be the way I load it. I like it that way. Or like when our Bible study group lets out for the summer. I miss loading up all my kids into the van by 9.10am every Tuesday morning. Or at least...trying to get on the road by that time.

Sometimes I love change. Like how I am obsessed with moving around furniture. I've always been that way. Just ask my mom. I used to rearrange my bedroom late at night and the floor creaking would drive her crazy. Or like how I keep changing my business logo, my watermark, and everything else concerning my business. I can't ever seem to find something I'm satisfied with for very long. But I'm working on it. I'm learning that branding is oh-so-important in the business world and that, if I want to be recognized as the photographer that I am, I simply cannot be changing my brand all the time. I've got to find something I can stick with for a while.

That being said, I've changed things up again! :) I have no idea if this will stick. But I like it. And that's good enough for me. For now. You all know by now that I've decided to make newborns my business priority and that required new business cards. And of course a new font, etc.

These arrived last week and I absolutely LOVE them. Of course, it doesn't hurt anything that the darling baby on the front is my very own Savannah. But I'm just sayin'.

wm e DSC_0269

This little business card holder is not actually a business card holder at all. It's actually the most adorable little gift card holder that I received last year for Christmas (gift card enclosed). But it works perfectly and I think it's adorable. Why did I not take a picture of the front of it? Oh, who knows.

wm e DSC_0272

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Christmas is fast approaching and so are Christmas pictures! This November, Indy Photography is doing its first ever fundraiser! Fifty percent of all November family Christmas sessions will be donated to Servant's Heart of Indy.

Special discounted packages are being offered for this promotion. You can read full details here.

ServantsHeart Christmas - blog

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Funny Face | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I was scanning through some pictures I took of Savannah last week and came across this one. It just cracked me up:

wm e DSC_0657sat

I know the composition isn't perfect, but it sure makes me smile. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Elijah | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Elijah was actually about 10 weeks old when he came into my studio last week. However, he was born at just 33 weeks, so he was the size of a newborn. He weighed in around 9 lbs (about the same size as my Savannah who is now 2 1/2 weeks old). He fought sleep quite a bit, but he was fairly cooperative while awake, so we worked with both.


This little hat is from Etsy seller DebisCreations18...


Have I mentioned how much I loooove this basket?


And this hat? (Thanks, UnderTheOakTreesKids!)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lilly | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

A sweet little girl came to visit me today and gave me this beautiful shot:

wm2 e DSC_0050

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleepy Girl | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Just had to share a few more pictures of my sweet little girl on day 12....

wm e DSC_0709 lighter

wm e DSC_0638 bw

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Sweet Savannah | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

She's finally here!

Savannah Paige made her appearance on Wednesday, September 30th at 3.34am. She weighed a whopping 8 lbs 13 oz and measured in at 21 1/4 inches. Yes, she's a big girl!

Today I attempted to do some newborn pictures of her. And I'll have to say, I've never realized before how crucial a second person is! So thanks to all the moms who have come and helped out in the past with their own sweet babies! I couldn't have done it without you!

Savannah was a bit apprehensive about the whole picture gig, but we got a few keepers. :) I'll work on getting some more later this week.

This adorable hat is from the Under The Oak Trees Kids Etsy shop....

wm e DSC_0564

wm e DSC_0558 bw

And this one is from DebisCreations18....

wm e DSC_0547

wm e DSC_0557