Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Corbin | Indianapolis Baby Photographer

Oh my goodness, this little man was SO cute and full of smiles! I had such a great time with him! Halfway through the session I asked his mom how she had found me. A great long story ensued and we weeded our way through an assortment of blogs we both read (and a lot of tangents). We discussed how our husbands think we are weird for talking about bloggers like they are our best friends and how it's bizarre that we get sucked into blogs specifically about babies with health problems. And little Corbin was so patient with us. :)

Kristy got this great hat from someone on Etsy, but I forgot to ask who!

wm e DSC_0051

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I love all the little man outfits!

wm e DSC_0214

And finally, the tickle laugh....

wm e DSC_0197

Kristy, I had a great time with both of you. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek until I have time to get your gallery up!

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antique autumn photography said...

So adorable. As always, beautiful job. =)