Saturday, December 12, 2009


Help-Portrait Winner

Thank you all for your nominations! Since it was such a tough decision, I recruited my mom to help decide who would win the portrait package giveaway. Oddly enough, she chose the same person I had been learning toward. So that was that.

I am happy to announce that Peggy Butler is the winner of one totally free session as well as a ton of complimentary prints!

Since the purpose of Help-Portrait is not to further one's portfolio but to provide hope and encouragement by giving something beautiful to someone else, you, dear Internet, will not be seeing pictures of this session. It will be a personal family package. And I can't wait to give it!

Servant's Heart Fundraiser

A huge THANK YOU to the families who participated in November's fundraising event for Servant's Heart of Indy! Because of you, I will be donating $206 to Servant's Heart!


We finally got our Christmas tree and a few of our decorations up! Yes, I realize it's pretty late in the month for that, but....better late than never, right?

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daisygirl said...

Congrats on your decision! I hope it goes well!