Friday, December 11, 2009

Best. Christmas. Song. Ever.

I'm all for Christmas carols. I mean, I really love carols. But I just heard this song on the radio this afternoon in the van and had to find out who sang it as soon as I got home. I absolutely LOVE this song. You must listen. I mean it. Don't close this page until you hear it.

The song is called "His Favorite Christmas Story" and it's sung by Capital Lights.

And....I'm not exactly sure what's up with the intermittent anime, but....whatever. The song is still amazing.


Andy and Cari said...

Ever, Heidi? Really? EVER? Best Christmas song ever? I mean it is good and all, I liked it a lot...But EVER?
Heidi, it doesn't even talk about Jesus, who I am pleased to tell you is the whole reason there is a Christmas in the first place...just sayin'

Katy said...

Ooooh. I think you may encounter some equally passionate opinions out there, can't be the best if it's not by the Carpenters! :)

Andy and Cari said...

Heidi, I did not steal your only reminded me of a song I love...and wanted to play for all too see.(steal is such a nasty word!)
You will notice, I was not so bold as to demand all readers to listen...seems a bit bossy and pushy to me...

love you too!