Thursday, December 3, 2009

LET it Out Designs

I am just about bursting at the seams. My friend Elizabeth recently started a business with two of her friends. When I initially heard about it, I was like....oh, another jewelry business......well, that's nice. (Obviously I'm not that into jewelry.) But when their Etsy store officially opened and I saw their jewelry, I think my jaw may have actually dropped open.

I'm totally not kidding when I say this: Their stuff is FABULOUS. Personal. Beautiful. Gorgeous. And seriously, I'm not even into jewelry. Like, at all. But let me just tell you, dear Internet, that I will certainly not object to any of you buying me any piece of jewelry from this shop. Every piece is fantastic.

Okay, so enough talk. You want to see the goods, right? Of course you do. I can't take credit for any of these photos, but whoever took them has a career in product photography, don't you think? (Wait, maybe they're already into product photography....) Well anyway, check out some of their amazing stuff:

LET Designs

Fabulous, is it not? So if you have any females left on your Christmas list, here is my hint: Visit the LET it Out Designs shop on Etsy for some very beautiful, very personalized jewelry!

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katherine said...

i think tuesday, dec. 22 would be smashing for our photo shoot. does that still work for you? not sure how you want to time it. little miss will (hopefully) be napping from 9-11am and then both kids generally nap around 1-3pm.

also, let me know what to do about outfits and coordinating for family pics (do? don't? tips, etc.). give me the lowdown on all things photo shoot when you can. i'm really excited -- we've never done anything like this before!!