Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

*Christmas is over but my decorations are still up. I hate taking them down. It makes me sad. And it means Christmas is REALLY over. Can you tell how much I like Christmas?

*Yesterday we met my parents in Illinois for lunch. They took our three older kids up to Wisconsin with them for about a week. We kept Savannah since she is nursing. Today Savannah and I slept in until 10:45am. It was glorious. But then I had to take her to get a blood test done. And that was not glorious.

*Tomorrow is New Years Eve. I've put off some of today's errands including going to the bank and the library for tomorrow. But now that I'm thinking about it....both of those places probably have limited hours due to the holiday. Good planning.

*I should be cleaning my house. It hasn't really been cleaned at all this week, and it hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in at least a month. I had great plans for the two days I have only one child in the house, but as it turns out I completely wasted the first day. Oh well. Rest is good too.

*I am TOTALLY excited to fly out to Portland this weekend. I mean V-E-R-Y excited. I know some people don't care much for flying but I absolutely love it! I've never had the opportunity to fly with my husband (or any of our kids) before, so this will be a fun new experience. I'm also shooting my best friend's wedding (even though I don't really shoot weddings any more) and I'm expecting that to be a fun change of pace. Then we're just going to hang out in Portland for a few days, visit with my cousin, swim in the hotel pool, and EAT. Mmmm, we do love to eat.

Sometimes when I'm driving I snap pictures out the (very dirty) windows. Yesterday this exact scenario played itself out several times. Since I can't really watch the camera and see what I'm shooting, I always just hope for a good one. Here's my favorite from our trip:

wm res IMG_0380

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