Sunday, November 29, 2009

Help-Portrait 2009

As I sit here sipping my hot cocoa and listening to the popping and crackling of the fire next to me, I cannot help but realize how absolutely totally blessed I am. I mean,'s ridiculous how good I have it.

Between my husband and me, we have 3 steady jobs which maintain our income. Our home is never too hot or too cold due to changing weather patterns. Our children never go without a clean change of clothes for the day. And our stomachs rarely rumble with hunger. We have one vehicle sitting in our garage and another one in our driveway. Hot showers are a daily ritual and clean and sanitary facilities have never been in question. We go to the grocery store and fill our cart to overflowing. Then we come home and prepare the food and eats to our heart's content. Our closets are stuffed to the brim with blankets, sheets, clothing, shoes, and STUFF.

Not only do we have all of our needs more than covered. We also have many of our wants taken care of as well. When we feel like renting a movie, we drive to the closest Red Box and pick out whatever sounds appealing. If I have a crazy day at home and dinner never gets started, we pack all of our hoodlums in the van and visit the restaurant of our choice. We have televisions, cell phones, junk food, musical instruments, toys, and loads of other completely unnecessary items in our home.

But more than any of these things, we have a beautiful family who loves each other and is striving to live for the beauty of the Lord. We desire for people to see our works, and by seeing, to glorify our Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5.16)

God has blessed our family in monstrous ways. And we are so grateful. But there are many families/individuals/couples/children who do not have it so good. Job loss may have altered their family. A house fire may have destroyed their belongings. A car accident may have created stacks of unexpected bills. Divorce may have torn their family apart. Or death may have caused a crippling pain.

It is because of circumstances like these that Help-Portrait was created. To help those in need by giving them beautiful photos of themselves during whatever stage of life they may be experiencing right now. December 12th, 2009 is the official date for photographers worldwide to step out of their box and help. Help create memories. Help boost self-image. Help keep minds focused on the good in life. Just help. cooperation with this event, it is my pleasure to announce that Indy Photography will be giving away a very special portrait package this Christmas season to one family/individual/couple/child who is in need in some way. Here's how it works:

You nominate someone for this special portrait package, telling me why you think they deserve to have this opportunity to shine in front of the camera. I will read over the entries and choose the one I deem most worthy. The nominated person/family will be contacted and scheduled for an absolutely free portrait session with a load of free prints. No obligation. No contract. No nothing.

Your nominee doesn't have to be homeless. They don't have to have experienced a tragic lifetime event. They don't need to be low-income. They just need to be in need. Of encouragement. Of hope. Of friendship. Of attention. Of love.

I encourage those of you who live in the Indianapolis area to forward the link to this post to others who may wish to nominate someone for this giveaway. There are so many people who are in need - in need of something - and I hope to offer encouragement by offering my services as a part of this worldwide event.

To nominate someone, please visit the contact page of my website and enter "Help-Portrait" in the subject line. Then simply proceed to tell me about your nominee and why they should win. Entries must be received by Wednesday, December 9th at midnight EST.


Sarah said...

That's a great idea.

God Bless The Children said...

I enjoyed reading your post sharing with us how blessed you are with a beautiful family, and life's necessities provided for you. Indeed you are truly blessed. I live in an area where hot water showers, and electricity, along just the basics necessities of life are difficult to find. God has given me a mission of feeding the children of my community. And feeding hungry children is a blessing from God that I wouldn't trade for anything this world has to offer.

God Bless The Children