Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nighttime Caller

*Tap tap tap tap tap tap*

The sound was distant, almost as if I was dreaming. But then I heard my husband's voice. "Was that someone at the door?" My sleepy eyes glanced toward the clock. 2:32am. I had been up on and off throughout the night with a sick child, so my level on consciousness was lower than normal. "That's what I though too........Will you go see who it is?" I whispered to my husband. But then remembering that he too was sick, I got up myself.

I heard him grab our bedside weapon, the fireplace poker. Oh yeah, we're up with the times. I was a few steps ahead of him and heading to the stairs when I heard it again.

*Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock*

Yep, it was definitely someone at the door. My mind wandered through the possibilities: someone in trouble? a drunk? I probably should have been more concerned than I was. But my husband was nearby so I felt safe. I peeked through the blinds and saw a familiar face.

"It's just the neighbor," I whispered up the stairs. As I opened the door, the cool air penetrated through my t-shirt causing me to instantly wish I had slept in long sleeves. "I'm SO sorry. I just wanted to let you know your garage door was open. You don't want to leave it open in this neighborhood." I thanked her and my husband went to close the garage door.

Lest you think we live in a bad neighborhood, we don't. But we have had our share of burglaries over the past several years. Not us, but many of our neighbors. I was grateful to have a neighbor so thoughtful as to come and tell us, but next time we leave it open, I hope her movie ends well before 2:30am.

And because I simply cannot post a blog entry without a picture, here's my Sienna helping me test out my new lighting....

wm DSC_0322

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FindSavings said...

That was nice of your neighbor. One time around the same time I heard a very loud ridiculous noise outside our house. It ended up being some kid driving through our front yard and into the neighbor's living room.