Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to Indianapolis, Part 3

My hubby and I went on a date yesterday afternoon. After enjoying lunch at Outback Steakhouse, we decided to go downtown. The weather was pretty *ehhhhh* but thankfully no real rain came our way. :) I took my camera along to get some more shots of downtown!

This is the Scottish Rite Cathedral. So cool.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these when I saw that they had made them all different colors just for me!

We discovered that the War Memorial was open and decided to give ourselves a little tour. (Free admission - sweet!)

Inside we found some spectacular sights! Our first stop was upstairs to the "shrine room". Since I've only had my camera for a few weeks, I had no idea how to even begin shooting pictures in such low lighting, but I gave it my best shot anyway....

The ceiling was "super" high (as my nephew would say) with this light at the top.

I didn't capture the pillars very well but here is one of the stained-glass windows:

We made our way downstairs to the War Museum (which I didn't even know existed). Lots of cool stuff there! On the way down the long staircase I found this beautiful air vent! I know, I know. It's just an air vent, Heidi! But how gorgeous is that texture?!

We wound our way through displays of several U.S. wars. These were my favorite images:

On what I thought was going to be the hallway out, we stumbled upon this beautiful auditorium.

Check out the ceiling!

That was a pretty fun adventure! And homeschooling moms, take note: another free museum! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last night was my first night trying to capture fireworks with my new DSLR! Let's just didn't go so well.


TONIGHT, I tried again. (One of the benefits to living in a large city is having, at minimum, 3-4 major fireworks presentations each summer!) I looked up some information online and asked some questions in a few forums and - WAH LAH! Beautiful fireworks pictures! I honestly couldn't believe how truly easy it was! Unfortunately, it look me half of the performance time to get the settings right, so I only got a few really good ones. But now that I know how to do it, I can't wait for more fireworks next weekend!

P.S. Happy start to your birthday week, Honey!

Friday, June 27, 2008

An All-American Baby!

We took a trip to the Children's Museum today and I just HAD to bring my camera along. I mean, what cooler place is there, really? While my toddlers played, I sat with my youngest and snapped some pictures of her gorgeous face!

Apparently there is some photography "rule" about not cutting off chins, but I still think this is just the most adorable picture! I mean, look at those eyes!

Look at that cute little button nose! I love it!

Yes, she does always have this half-daze, half-smile on her face....

While I kept trying to get some cute shots, all she wanted to do what chew on her shoes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Church Picnic Festivities

Yesterday was our annual church picnic. The rain came and went and, barring one 15-minute downpour, all went as planned and we all had a great time! Of course, I took about a million photos in the 3 hours we were there :) but it was totally worth it! Here are my favorites from the day....

My two oldest got to try their hand (errr....leg) at the three-legged race!

This family is the most photogenic family I've ever met! So of course I had to grab some snapshots from across the field....

I love this sweet moment between grandpa and granddaughter!

The slip 'n slide ended up being the hit of the party, as usual.....

If you left right after the food (young marrieds!), now you know what you missed! :)

Please Vote!!!!

Alright, everyone....

I'm having trouble deciding which business card I like the best and I'd love to hear your input on this! I've included a poll on the top right corner of my blog (under the "Labels" section) asking which style of business card you prefer. I would love it if you would vote for your favorite! (If the consensus is too equal, I may end up just printing some of each, but we'll see how it goes!)


#1 - Full Moon

#2 - Baby M

#3 - Shoes on brick

#4 - Pencils

#5 - Leaf in water

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Cookout!

Yesterday, we drove down to Martinsville (a.k.a. the middle of nowhere, Indiana) for a cookout. There was a cute little pond on the property so of course I had to grab some snapshots (since we live in the city).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to Indianapolis, Part 2

More of our beautiful city...

Ahhhh, the carriage rides...

Ok, well this isn't exactly beautiful, but here's the story: We were headed downtown to eat at T.G.I. Friday's when my husband started telling me that he had heard they were going to tear down the Marriot (with Friday's underneath) and build 4 really huge hotels on that block. We discussed how we didn't think there was enough room for 4 hotels on that block until suddenly we saw this. I guess we were a little late! :( I'm sure next year it will be something beautiful. I just hope they bring the T.G.I. Friday's back!

The Artsgarden

My kids felt bad for the cars that were "stuck down there" in the parking garage...

I really love this picture for some reason...

This is about as much of me as I like to show off for a picture!

Hope you enjoyed your tour of downtown Indianapolis! There would have been more pictures if only it had not begun to rain. :( Perhaps there will be a Part 3 at a later date.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to Indianapolis, Part 1

Our family spent the evening downtown last night and I got a chance to take advantage of my new camera some more! My husband told me I looked like a tourist walking around with my camera around my neck. I simply said, "Thank you!" (although I know it wasn't exactly a compliment.) :)

One of my favorite churches...

The old theatre...

Soldiers and Sailors Monument on the circle...

Just some architecture I found interesting...

Believe it or not, I had never seen this HUGE clock before last night. Pathetic, huh?

I think I have an infatuation with Hyatt Hotels simply because I don't see myself ever being able to afford staying in one. Lol.

More of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument...

My husband found this graffiti. We thought it was pretty funny.
(The second line is what makes it funny.)

This last picture has nothing to do with Indianapolis...unless you're interested in knowing that we have a sewer system. Keaton was very intrigued by these and wanted to walk on them whenever we came near one....

Part 2, coming soon!