Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Poor Baby!

We went out with my husband's whole family tonight to celebrate Father's Day! The night was going pretty well until my 9-month old daughter managed to dip her fingers into a steaming hot bowl of cheese dip. (It was the fault of the server but a total accident, of course!) Poor baby! She screamed and screamed and then finally fell asleep. We put some ointment on it and when she woke up she seemed totally fine. But she's got some good sized blisters on her little baby fingers to show for it....

By the way, this was taken with my brand spanking new Nikon D40 camera, which arrived via the man in brown shorts on Friday! YIPPIIEEEEEE!! I would have taken a picture of it ("it" being the camera - not the UPS guy) to post here but as of right now all the AA batteries are dead for our P&S usual. Perhaps I'll get a picture up one of these days....

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Groovewoman said...

OH MY GOSH, her poor little fingers. That looks soo painful. Poor thing!

Tip... try to keep the blisters from popping for as long as you can.

I burnt three of my fingers on a fajita skillet at my PT job about a month ago... and the fresh very tender skin is underneath those blisters... so keep it protected for as long as you can!

Hope she feels better soon!