Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby K

Whew! It's definitely the season of babies!

On Sunday, I had the privilege of meeting a highly anticipated baby! My friends Aaron and Kristi finally had their precious baby girl! (Congrats, guys!) Baby K was three tiny days old when I did her pictures. And although she mostly cried through the whole photo shoot, we did get a few decent shots. Here are a couple of my favorites:

You can see that she's not too happy here, but I still think it's adorable!

We tried her on the floor, but she was not so keen on that idea. Aaron suggested that we just lay her on his chest for those shots. It was perfect!

I typically don't like the "angel wings" photos, but I absolutely loved this shot
with the butterfly wings! This one was also taken on daddy's chest.

And where would we be without a screaming baby picture? :)
I seriously need to find a basket this size that doesn't have a handle....


SG Photography said...

Great Pictures...I see that you are a Jas Star fan too, I just love her!!!

Paula K said...

Great photos, i really like the first one, mainly because i have never seen one like that!! great job, i think babies really are your "niche" =)

Tiffani said...

Hello. I just stumbled upon your site by searching for frugal moms (I also homeschool and LOVE photography) and I LOVE your pictures. I just thought about getting the Nikon D40 myself. Anyway, in these pictures of your baby what kind of lighting do you have and do you use if you don't mind me asking?

Heidi Stone said...


Thank you very much. I love my D40 although I do plan to upgrade in the future and then keep this around as a backup camera.

The lighting in these pictures is all natural. They were taken indoors in front of several large windows.

And this baby is not mine, but she sure is adorable, isn't she? :)