Friday, April 3, 2009

Press Printed Books

I think it's very important for my clients to know what options they have available to them when they choose to hire me as a photographer. I want them to be aware of all the tiny details so they are comfortable with the process and know what to expect. After I receive an initial email from a potential client, I always try to reply with details about how and where I shoot, what my prices are for their specific needs, and what products I offer in addition to standard prints.

One of the products I offer to my clients is a press printed book. It's very similar to an album, but is significantly less expensive to order. I find that, while most people would LOVE to have a true album with thick pages and an embossed cover, oftentimes a press printed book is a much better fit for them financially.

The books come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5x5 to 12x12 and all have hinged, lay-flat pages. Cover options include your choice of black, brown, or red leather OR a custom photo cover.

So, enough talk! You want to see pictures, right? Well, let's get started on that....

Here are a few pictures of a recent wedding book:

These clients chose a custom photo cover.

wm e DSC_0422

wm e DSC_0420

See how the pages lay flat?

wm e DSC_0403

I always offer to customize the first page of the book with names, dates, etc.

wm e DSC_0400

And I always place a small watermark on the last page so clients remember where to find me later!

wm e DSC_0416

Since the pages are coated, they tend to be difficult to photograph well, so instead of showing you actual page spreads from this album, I want to show you some image spreads from an engagement book that I completed this week. Weddings albums are a bit more complex, but in general, I prefer to keep the books to one image per page for the best ability to view each photo's details. (There are NOT white spaces in the middle of each spread - this is just so you can see the distinction of pages.)






I hope these images have given you a good idea of what my press printed books look like. They are very sleek and, on average, arrive in a matter of 2 weeks or less! So consider a press book for your next session!


Anonymous said...

you are so talented,love mom

Anonymous said...

ha ha if I put mom then it is not really anonymous either.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Cool books - if I haven't mentioned it yet I plan to do newborn pics this year and of course, another family session probably in the fall. I love these books.