Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karyn | Indianapolis Senior Photographer

I was happy to get out of the house on Sunday evening. My husband had been working on my studio for 2 days straight and the kids were making me a bit looney. On top of that, I hadn't had a photo shoot in a few weeks, so I was anxious to get out and do some shooting.

Karyn and I met at Starbucks and headed downtown Greenwood to take her senior pictures. She told me that she was pretty sure she couldn't do a straight face if she tried, so we just stuck with smiles. :) We chatted about life, crazy Greenwood cops, Finding Nemo, and those ever-elusive purple trees.

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Oh, remember the elusive purple tree I referred to earlier? We finally did find a purple tree that wasn't in somebody's yard, but lo and behold, it turns out these trees must be the breeding grounds for bumblebees. So I just snapped a few pictures of the tree itself and we went on our merry way, in search of a location without huge stinging insects. Anyone know what these are called?

Purple Tree Collage

I will leave you with my favorite picture....

wm e DSC_0712

Karyn, I really enjoyed our time together on Sunday and hope you did too!


Anonymous said...

Ah, those are fun!! Thanks for posting! I loved our evening together. It was lots of fun. haha I guess I could've tried a serious face. Would've been interesting.

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daisygirl said...

Great shots! I love the one sitting with the low tree and grass. I'm glad it worked out for the two of you!