Thursday, April 23, 2009

Studio, Part A - DEMOLITION

Last night we had a pro come and inspect our kitchen/dining room. Nooo, we didn't pay to have someone come and look at our house. There's a man at our church who owns a custom home building company here in town and he was so gracious as to come over and give us a few pointers.

The first thing he suggested doing was to remove the molding at the bottom of what will be the adjoining walls, so shortly after he left, my husband got to work doing that. I have no idea what inspired my husband to DO such a thing while the kids were still awake, but....I digress.

The girls had a really great time "helping" Daddy with the demolition part of the project. (Keaton was upstairs in bed already due to some - eh hem - discipline issues.) Taking off the molding was really the only "demolition" we had to do before we build the wall, but I like to make it sound like it's a much bigger deal than it actually is. :)

Enjoy some pictures....

wm e DSC_0569

wm e DSC_0561

wm e DSC_0587

wm e DSC_0598

wm e DSC_0568

wm e DSC_0613

wm e DSC_0625

wm e DSC_0576

This last picture has absolutely nothing to do with the demolition of the kitchen, but I think it's cute,'ll have to suffer through. :)

wm e DSC_0603


Miney said...

Keaton got in trouble? Keaton did something naughty? I don't believe you!!!

Miney said...

Also, Daniel's hair looks really red in that photo!