Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and That

Occasionally I get the urge to post several photos that have absolutely no connection to each other whatsoever. Sometimes I do these in multiple posts, but today I want to do them all together....because I'm like that. So here goes.....

This and That #1

Today is Sienna's 3rd birthday! She is cute as a button and mean as a tiger. Seriously, this girl has some attitude. But she sure is adorable. She and I both got haircuts on Sunday (her first, my 587th) so yesterday I wanted to get some pictures of her new 'do. She totally loves the camera at all times except when I want her to. What a turd.

Here she is pre-haircut:

e DSC_0394

And now presenting...the NEW and IMPROVED - albeit relatively uncooperative - Sienna!!

wm e DSC_0420

wm e DSC_0424

wm e DSC_0423

This and That #2

Spring is officially here! At least in my book. Our bushes out back have really started to bloom (do bushes bloom?) and I'm excited to see more and more green every day! Note the growth that took place over the past 8 days:

Sunday, March 22nd

wm e DSC_0360

Monday, March 30th

wm e DSC_0428

Ignore the obvious difference in color. I apparently had different white balance settings on these two. Oh well.

This and That #3

It occurred to me this morning that I don't think I've made the pregnancy announcement over here yet. (Maybe I have and pregnancy brain is just taking over, but I don't think I have.) Since I have so many cross-readers from my other blog, I sometimes just assume that everyone knows everything. But we all know what assuming does.

That being said, I'd like to announce that the Stone family will be joined by another wee one this September! I'm somewhere near 16 weeks right now and am looking forward to the end of morning sickness. There is no picture to accompany this tidbit of information, but soon enough you will see snippets of the bump, so hang in there.

This and That #4

Our little Reagan has yet to have much of an interest in walking on her own. She'll walk all day if we hold her pudgy hand, but as far as doing it all by herself....not so much. She's now 18 months old and weighs more than any non-walking baby should, but we have hope that the time is drawing near. In the meantime, she has taken up this hilarious habit of standing on her head. And then sometimes falling over. You can see both of those things right here....

wm e DSC_0406

wm e DSC_0405

Yes, she does have clothes. But really, what fun is wearing clothes?


Anonymous said...

You are actually going to show "bump" pictures! Nice blog, like the "This and That". Sienna looks so cute with her new do. Happy Birthday Sienna!!!

Anonymous said...

that is not my comment but this one is, I love the kids pics,they are adorable and the look in Reagan's eyes on the second one is priceless!

From the kids' biggest fan!


Miney said...

Happy Birthday, Sienna! :) Her new haircut is so cute. :) And Reagan is HILARIOUS! I love those photos!

Hannah said...

Hey Heidi,

EASTER will work for money and pics. We got our pictures from Beth, but you also said that you had a CD right? We'd love to see that too! I am meeting with a person over break for a job this summer but I am planning on meeting up with you as well!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Happy Birthday Sienna, you are too adorable as is your sister who is hilarious when she stands on her head. I love Sienna's new haircut and do you actually count how many haircuts you have?