Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bryan and Amber | Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

I first met Bryan and Amber at Kasey and Kristen's wedding last October. I noted that Bryan was always on time and that Amber wanted a winter wedding. So when it came time to meet for lunch this past Saturday, I mentioned to my husband that "we better be early" because Bryan is always on time.

Over lunch at TGI Friday's, we talked about how they met, the house they were considering buying, and all sorts of other things. Then we made our way into the frozen tundra (it was in the low 30s and WINDY). Amber was an extremely good sport. Please note her sleeveless dress and bare legs - BRR! But we had a great time.

Bryan and Amber, I really enjoyed getting to know you better this weekend am so happy you chose me as your engagement photographer! I hope you enjoy these photos....

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♥ Mindy @ Rolle Photography ♥ said...

Lovely! Your photos are wonderful, as always! I love looking at your work... such an inspiration. Wow.. you would never know it was so cold outside!

Hanssie said...

I love that tree in the first shot. How fun! And it looks Cooooold!