Monday, March 9, 2009

Ryan and Sara | Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

I am warning you in advance: this post is very long.

All of my clients are wonderful, but every so often you get a perfect day with perfect weather and perfect everything. Yesterday was one of those days. Well, the weather wasn't actually perfect to begin with. Our session started out with about an hour of chatting at Starbucks while the rain poured down outside. But I was SO glad we waited it out because the after-effect was BEAUTIFUL. The sky was perfectly diffused with the after-rain clouds and we even got the occasional peek of sunshine. It was warm enough but not too warm. Sunny enough but not too sunny. As I said...perfect.

Sara, I know I've semi-known you for quite a while but it was great getting to know you better and having a chance to hear your oh-so-romantic engagement story. ;) Ryan, you've picked a great girl! I'm glad you two decided to wait out the rain with me. I hope you love these pictures!

This was one of our first shots of the day. It's very possibly my favorite.

wm e DSC_0015

wm e DSC_0036

wm e DSC_0044

wm e DSC_0018

wm e DSC_0020

Why yes, these ARE 3-D glasses. Don't mock - you know you want some.

wm e DSC_0063

They were totally awesome - scaling buildings and standing in the middle of the street for me.

wm e DSC_0056

Of course, I did my fair share of standing in the middle of the street too.

wm e DSC_0071

wm e DSC_0066

wm e DSC_0083

What can I say? I have a weakness for signs.

wm e DSC_0101

wm e DSC_0095

wm e DSC_0133

I spotted this alley as we ran through the rain to Starbucks and knew I had to incorporate it at some time:

wm e DSC_0138

On our search for some really cool mural walls I had seen when I arrived downtown, we happened upon this huge delivery door. Score!

wm e DSC_0050

We finally found them!

wm e DSC_0174

wm e DSC_0189

wm e DSC_0199

wm e DSC_0185

wm e DSC_0207

And last but certainly not least, the beautiful ring:

wm e DSC_0224

wm e DSC_0059

Ryan and Sara, I had a truly spectacular time with you! I wish you the best as you plan for your upcoming wedding!


♥ Mindy ♥ said...

I love your natural/ fun poses! Great as always!!

SJ Styles said...

One of your BEST so far!!!

gerolami19 said...

I wish we lived closer to you so I could have you take pictures of my kids! You always do a great job- I look forward to Fridays so I can see what new pictures you have!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Those are great! They are very photogenic. I want to hear their engagement story!