Sunday, December 28, 2008

Matt and Hannah: Wedding

Last weekend, I had the very special privilege of attending my good friend Hannah's wedding. Actually, to be fair, I've gotten to know Matt pretty well too since they've been engaged. I did some engagement pictures for them back in August - not their official engagement pictures, but neither of them mind being photographed since Matt does some photography too, so I stole them for some pictures while I was home visiting my parents in WI....just for fun.

I wasn't the official photographer for the wedding either, but Hannah and Matt knew I would be there taking photos and graciously welcomed me and my camera to come along for the ride. Sometimes I think I prefer to be an extra. Sometimes I wish I could take charge and do things myself. I felt like I was flopping back and forth between the two extremes at their wedding, but once the ceremony started with the worship music and the emotion on stage (and once my own tears started flowing) I was glad I wasn't the one who HAD to be catching all the moments since it is, in fact, kind of hard to see through the tiny viewfinder when tears fill your eyeballs.

The wedding was beautiful, the wedding party was fun, and the reception was delicious. :) Matt and Hannah, thank you so much for allowing me to come and harass you with even MORE pictures. I had a great time! I hope you two enjoyed your honeymoon!

Here's the bride, so excited for their "first look"!

e DSC_0063 choc

They saw each other for the first time behind the stage curtain. It was a very sweet moment.

e DSC_0079

e DSC_0099

e DSC_0106

I was with Hannah in the dressing room when one of the photographers did the pictures of the groomsmen, but I stole the groom away for a few individuals later....

e DSC_0157 choc

e DSC_0148

I thought these sisters were so cute.

e DSC_0144

Isn't she stunning?

e DSC_0215

The beautiful bouquet...

e DSC_0317

e DSC_0160

e DSC_0227

Putting on a few final touches before the ceremony....

e DSC_0287

e DSC_0301

I loved her hair!

e DSC_0303

Here's Justin, one of the photographers I was working alongside, getting a few final shots of the beautiful bride before she walked the isle to be joined with her husband.

e DSC_0310

e DSC_0349

e DSC_0401

As I think I may have mentioned, it was a very emotional ceremony.

e DSC_0425

e DSC_0463

e DSC_0505

After the ceremony was over, the room was transformed into the reception hall. The reception was....well....equally emotional....

e DSC_0603

e DSC_0597

e DSC_0634

e DSC_0636

I SO wish someone would have scooted these kids off the stage during the first dances, but....*sigh*.....nobody did. I would have done it myself, but I was way up on the balcony. :)

e DSC_0697

e DSC_0700

These two are so awesome! Forget normal cake and bring on the CHEESEcake!

e DSC_0555

e DSC_0779

Her garter must have been REALLY hidden, because Matt seemed to be spending quite a while trying to find it. ;)

e DSC_0794

e DSC_0622 bw

e DSC_0278

And finally, I leave you with one of my favorite wedding pictures so far....

e DSC_0271

Matt and Hannah, I had a wonderful time at your wedding and I'm so happy to see you two are finally married! Congrats again!


The Stories of Our Lives said...

beautiful pictures! what a magical location for a wedding!!!

Hanssie said...

I cry at every wedding and yes it's hard to see through the viewfinder and a sheen of tears! Great shots and that last one is perfect!

Danielle McCann Photography said...

Lady, you are amazing! I always enjoy your photos and I think you have found your niche in weddings! BEAUTIFUL!!