Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sometimes I Get Bored

In the midst of completing my most recent project (and simultaneously attempting to start a new hobby), I decided to take some detail shots, which you probably know are some of my favorites. I'm sure you don't really care what my sewing machine looks like, but sometimes I just feel the need to post something so my blog is not lonely. I also like to pretend I'm a product photographer, which my husband says would make me a sellout, but whatever.

wm e DSC_0608

wm e DSC_0611

wm e DSC_0617

wm e DSC_0618

wm e DSC_0620


Veronica said...

Lol Heidi,I love my sweing machines... both of them that I got for Christmas (one a few weeks before) I've made blankets, super hero capes, and much more already! At least you have a hobby!

Danielle McCann Photography said...

I don't think a product photographer would make you a sell-out. I mean, come on. Have you heard Dane Cook's bit about the BK Lounge? He starts talking about how he doesn't know who the photographer is for the french fries, but they do a fantastic job at making the fries look so tasty. LOL.