Friday, December 12, 2008

Yummy Details

Last night I had the privilege of attending a great party! It was a combination of Dove chocolate products and jewelry - what else could a girl want? I was also able to showcase some of my work on slideshow throughout the night and am planning to do a portrait party with several of the ladies this spring. Since I just adore capturing little details on film (okay, it's actually digital but you know what I mean), of course I had to get pictures of all the great food!

If you missed this party, you missed a good one!

Food Collage WM Resize

You droolin' yet? ;)


Amy's Anecdotes said...

That food looks amazingly yummy!

The Stories of Our Lives said...

What a fun party!!! Those pictures all make me so hungry, they look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

When's the next party? Sign me up! I can be your little helper, you know You need help setting up, carrying your bags, etc.?!

Danielle McCann Photography said...


Hanssie said...

Yum! Where was my invite?!