Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cute Things

I'm visiting my parents in Wisconsin this weekend, and before I say anything else I just have to tell you that is THREE DEGREES BELOW ZERO right now. That's without the windchill. And it's been snowing ALL DAY LONG. It is nasty.

Anyway, here I sit. INSIDE, thankfully. When I got up yesterday morning, I noticed all the cute little wintery things my mom had put up all over the house. My mom is SO admittedly un-crafty that it's surprising how many adorable decorations she has lying around. (They are extra cute this year because this is a new house, so I haven't seen them in here before.)

So, to show off my mom's super cute decor, of course I had to take pictures of everything. Enjoy!

I love the village!

wm e DSC_0659

wm e DSC_0660

wm e DSC_0658

wm e DSC_0669

wm Snowman

This was a lot cuter before some little hands got a hold of it. :(

wm e DSC_0647

wm e DSC_0653

wm e DSC_0654

The cutest wrapping paper!

wm e DSC_0675

wm e DSC_0667

Today there is no choice here but to......

wm e DSC_0672

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kristin said...

Love all these little details...esp the villiage ones. :)