Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing It Safe

I'm not very experimental when it comes to cooking. I like to stick to what I know. Unfortunately, what I know is not all that exciting. Just ask my husband. But this week I discovered a pork tenderloin in my freezer. (No, it didn't just appear there. I did buy it, but it was several weeks ago and I had since forgotten about it.) I've never cooked a pork tenderloin before, so obviously I had no idea what to do with it.

Thank you, Internet!

Well, sort of. I searched through millions thousands hundreds a few recipes and then just threw some things together to create what, in my opinion, for my kitchen, was....

a masterpiece.

Feast your eyes on this delicious meal!

e DSC_0757

What's that you say?

Why yes, that is bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with a sweet and tangy plum sauce drizzled over the top, paired oh-so delicately with my famous mashed potatoes and some homemade frozen from-a-box veggies.

(Can you tell I finally figured out how to use the strike through?)

Ah yes, it was a lovely dinner last night. And lunch today. :)

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Katy said...

so pretty I could eat it!