Monday, January 11, 2010

Jason and Sara | Portland, OR Wedding

My cell phone rang out its sweet little song. I glanced at the front of it and saw the silly picture of my best friend that I had taken 2 years ago, the last time we had seen each other. After the standard 'hellos' were exchanged, her voice changed a bit and she blurted out, "So, I'm getting married in five weeks!"

Sara had been engaged since Easter weekend, but her wedding date had been changed several times. To the best of my knowledge, there wasn't a date in place at the time of her call, so her announcement was somewhat surprising to me. She went on to say that her wedding would be held in Portland, where she has lived for the better part of our 6 years since high school graduation. It was then that my heart sunk a bit. There was no way I could afford to fly out to Portland during the holidays.

But as it turned out, (thanks, Mom & Dad and Sara & Jason!) I was able to fly out! And so were Daniel and Savannah! The wedding was small, personal, beautiful, and totally Christ-centered. It was an absolute pleasure to be there. Since Jason and Sara were doing things pretty low-key, they had not hired a photographer so I volunteered to take their wedding pictures.

It was VERY cold outside, but I convinced them that they would be so much happier if we just stepped out for a few minutes to do the majority of their portraits outdoors. I adore natural light and was so happy they complied with my request.

Jason, it was a total pleasure to meet you. I know you will be a blessing to my dear friend! I hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon!












Jason and Sara, I love you both and wish you guys the best if your new life together! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your wedding! We had a great time and were so happy we were able to attend. :)


Miney said...

Heidi, these are gorgeous! Maybe your best yet! I LOVE the red umbrella. :)

Kristina McNabb Photography said...

I love them, especially the umbrella shots. Awesome! Oh, and I love the new logo!

Anonymous said...

I love the red umbrella, well I love Sara best but the red truly brighted up the day!

Antique Autumn Photography said...

Oh my goodness.. I adore these pictures! I also love your new logo--very cute!