Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best of 2009

Wow! It's hard to believe 2009 has come to a close already. I know everyone says that every year, but this year was really memorable for me. It was a pretty big year for my business! I ran my first fundraiser, I gained a lot of new clients (and in the meantime got to meet a lot of really genuine people) and I finally found what I hope is my niche.

Several months ago, I searched the photographers in the Indianapolis area for newborn photographers. I found lots of photographers who work with newborns but NONE who really specialize in newborns. Newborn portraits are so precious and important. And also, I happen to love working with the little babes, so....that was that. :) In September, I officially announced that my business would specialize in newborns. I saw a total of eleven newborns this year (including my own Savannah) and enjoyed every single one of them so very much! I am excited to see what 2010 brings and how many more little babies I'll get to see this coming year!

As a recap for a great year, here are a few of my favorite images taken during the past twelve months. Hope you enjoy!

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wm e DSC_0166 crop

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wm res e DSC_0416 bw

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wm e DSC_0076 bw

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wm e DSC_0172

wm e DSC_0316

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wm Berries1

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Jennifer said...

Love that last photo with the baby! Beautiful! :D

Anonymous said...

I think you should have included the "smiling, sleeping santa baby!" that is the most memorable one for last year I think!