Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karyn | Indianapolis Senior Photographer

I was happy to get out of the house on Sunday evening. My husband had been working on my studio for 2 days straight and the kids were making me a bit looney. On top of that, I hadn't had a photo shoot in a few weeks, so I was anxious to get out and do some shooting.

Karyn and I met at Starbucks and headed downtown Greenwood to take her senior pictures. She told me that she was pretty sure she couldn't do a straight face if she tried, so we just stuck with smiles. :) We chatted about life, crazy Greenwood cops, Finding Nemo, and those ever-elusive purple trees.

wm e DSC_0692

wm e DSC_0703

wm e DSC_0806

wm e DSC_0826

wm e DSC_0855

wm e DSC_0867

Oh, remember the elusive purple tree I referred to earlier? We finally did find a purple tree that wasn't in somebody's yard, but lo and behold, it turns out these trees must be the breeding grounds for bumblebees. So I just snapped a few pictures of the tree itself and we went on our merry way, in search of a location without huge stinging insects. Anyone know what these are called?

Purple Tree Collage

I will leave you with my favorite picture....

wm e DSC_0712

Karyn, I really enjoyed our time together on Sunday and hope you did too!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Getting So Excited!

My studio is getting ready to receive it's last and final coating of spackle today! Then we will spray on the wall texture and paint and it will be complete!

My backdrops are scheduled to arrive today and I have a few props in the mail as well! Tomorrow I am making a trip to the hardware store to purchase some final things for the walls and then I should be set to go!

(Have I seriously only ended my sentences with exclamation points thus far?) :)

There is really nothing new to post as far as a picture goes today since it looks pretty much the same as it did yesterday with the exception of another layer of spackle. But there's more to come soon!

Keep your eye out for a senior post this week as well.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Studio, Part B - THE WALL

I am so proud of my husband! He worked extremely hard this weekend and managed to survive a very long trip at Menards, work a shift at FedEx, sit through a traffic jam, build a wall, watch the kids during my photo shoot, purchase donuts I actually like, help me carry in a PILE of groceries, and kill a very fast spider with a pretty small stick. :) Oh, and did I mention he built a wall?

It was his first wall and, having done a bit of framing and drywalling myself in the past, I have to say....his wall looks great! Of course, he is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his work..... but I digress.

Here is an update to show you how our studio is coming along:

r DSC_0634

Here is my hubby working hard! (Well, not really. He's actually just posing for the picture. But he was working hard right before this.) :)

r DSC_0630

I have no idea why this picture is blurry, but just ignore that.

r DSC_0669

The completed wall:

r DSC_0889

We still have a bit of spackling left to do. Then we'll spray on the texture and paint and we'll be FINISHED! Yay! Oh, and just for you, Katy, here's a picture of our "new" kitchen...which, by the way, we happen to think is still pretty big.

r DSC_0892

I rewarded Daniel with one of his favorite treats: Hershey's Special Dark. Mmmm.

r (wm) e DSC_0886

I will keep you updated as the wall progresses. :) Also, my backdrops should be arriving later this week, so I'll be sure to post more pictures when I get those all hung up and in place.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Monday!

The clock read 1:59 when my head hit the pillow this morning. This weekend was packed with a senior shoot, LOTS of work on the studio, grocery shopping, church, garage-saleing (totally a word), organizing, and cleaning. Along with all that normal parenting stuff, of course. :)

Since I have about a million photos to process, here are a few more spring blooms to hold you over:

wm e DSC_0862

wm e DSC_0859

wm e DSC_0779

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming Soon...

Sit tight, folks. Coming this week are updates on the studio, a new senior session, and whatever else I can pull out to post!

If you're a studio-type person rather than an outdoor, on-location person....Indy Photography is coming to the rescue!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Studio, Part A - DEMOLITION

Last night we had a pro come and inspect our kitchen/dining room. Nooo, we didn't pay to have someone come and look at our house. There's a man at our church who owns a custom home building company here in town and he was so gracious as to come over and give us a few pointers.

The first thing he suggested doing was to remove the molding at the bottom of what will be the adjoining walls, so shortly after he left, my husband got to work doing that. I have no idea what inspired my husband to DO such a thing while the kids were still awake, but....I digress.

The girls had a really great time "helping" Daddy with the demolition part of the project. (Keaton was upstairs in bed already due to some - eh hem - discipline issues.) Taking off the molding was really the only "demolition" we had to do before we build the wall, but I like to make it sound like it's a much bigger deal than it actually is. :)

Enjoy some pictures....

wm e DSC_0569

wm e DSC_0561

wm e DSC_0587

wm e DSC_0598

wm e DSC_0568

wm e DSC_0613

wm e DSC_0625

wm e DSC_0576

This last picture has absolutely nothing to do with the demolition of the kitchen, but I think it's cute,'ll have to suffer through. :)

wm e DSC_0603

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do You Barter?

I know there are lots of photographers who frequent this blog and lots of non-photographers too. Regardless of your line of business or what you're doing, I'm curious how many of you barter rather than paying out cash.

Personally, I love to barter. Business-wise, I've bartered pictures for music use, pictures for an iron (don't ask), and am in the process of bartering pictures for some yard landscaping. Personally, we barter babysitting all the time. If two parties are both in need of a service, why bother paying out both ways?

I'd love to hear some of the creative things you all have bartered for! (That is, assuming I'm not the only one who does this, of course!)

And because posts are ALWAYS better with a picture, here's another sign of spring that I caught today on the way home from breakfast:

wm e DSC_0463

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exciting Times!

*****PREFACE: This post is going to include mostly blabbing about new and exciting things. If you only visit for pictures, you may want to scroll down or come back another day. :)


Well, things are always changing here in the Stone household and this week is no exception!

So, for today's news: I'm pregnant!!!!!

Oh, what? You already knew that? Oh. Well then, I guess I'll have to pull out something else....

For real though, there are some exciting things going on. For one, we've decided to turn our dining room into a small studio. I've told several people that this week and I think every one of them looked at me inquisitively and asked, "What dining room?"

There's really no distinction between our dining room and our giant kitchen and I think that's why everyone seems so confused at first. But the truth is, there is a difference. (Or at least, that's what our homebuilder said!) The dining room is officially an 8x12 foot area. We're simply going to add a wall in between that and our kitchen and - wahlah! - a small studio space!

I am really really really really excited about this. Like, ridiculously excited. Like, you'd think I was building an entire house from scratch and putting in my dream 20x30 foot studio. But I'm not. I'm just transitioning our dining room into a studio. Or rather, I'm just helping (read: watching) our dining room be transitioned. But really, those are just details, right?

In anticipation of the upcoming studio, I'm also in the process of gearing up for several sessions this summer by buying some more props and backdrops. I have to admit that I looooove shopping. I just don't really love shopping for me. But when I get to buy things for my fun. That probably sounds really dorky, but...whatever. I enjoy it. A lot.

So yesterday I decided on 4 colors for my seamless paper purchase. (For non-photographers, that's a backdrop.) :) Then I decided on one more. And then today, yet another one. But can I really help it? I mean, shipping is cheaper when done in a large order. So I'm really saving money. See? Here are the paper colors that are waiting in my cart while my Paypal transfer completes itself:

Seamless Paper Colors

Red, yellow, and blue for the modern crowd - gray, ivory, and brown for the more traditional. :)

Since I don't feel like redoing our entire floor, I've decided to purchase one of these bamboo floor protectors instead of a true floating floor. They roll up out of sight, so they're portable. And they're sooo pretty. :)

Today I also decided to wander on over to Knotty Baby Wear's Etsy site and purchase some leg warmers. These things are DARLING and I know already that I have several baby shoots coming up this spring/summer, so I am excited to get those in the mail! The store runs a photographer's special so I got 5 pair for just $31! Again, see how I'm saving??? :)

(( In all seriousness though, I firmly believe that nobody should go into debt to open a business and therefore I only spend what money I've made during the 10 months I've been in business. If you're just starting out, I really really encourage you to do that same. ))

Anyway, back to Knotty Baby Wear.....

If you have an infant or will have one soon, you absolutely MUST check out that site. They make THE CUTEST leg warmers. Ever. And if you plan to schedule a photo shoot, do yourself a favor and get a pair or four. They are darling and you won't regret it!

So I suppose you're waiting for some sort of picture in this post, right? Well, I've only got one for ya. Here's our dining room pre-construction. The wall will go where the red "box" is:

wm DSC_0459

Try to look past my horrible computer drawing skills. And obviously, the trash can will NOT be in the studio come the post-construction pictures. :) I honestly have no idea what weekend we will plan to destroy - errr, recreate - our kitchen, but just know that it won't be much longer that it will look this way. :)

Oooo, I just can't WAIT!!

Alright, I think that's all the exciting news I have for you today. Stay tuned for updates......

Monday, April 20, 2009

She Walks!

Nineteen months later, the little munchkin has FINALLY decided it's time to get around on two feet!

wm e DSC_0526

"Who? Me?"

wm e DSC_0542

She's pretty proud of herself. And I'm not gonna lie. I am too.

wm e DSC_0486

Of course, crawling is still the fastest way to get around.
And seriously, I can NOT get over those ADORABLE curls!

wm e DSC_0513

Soooooo cute!

Oh, and Sienna wants you to know that today she's sporting a bright green frog band aid. Because, you know, she couldn't let her sister steal the whole show.

wm e DSC_0541

On an entirely separate note...

Will somebody PLEASE teach me how to knit? Or crochet? I'm not entirely sure what the difference is, but I know that I simply MUST learn so I can make adorable handmade blankets and cocoons for the darling newborns who sometimes grace my presence.

(Plus, I seriously need a pastime just in case it rains the entire time we're on vacation in June!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Calling All 2010 Seniors!!! | Indianapolis Senior Photographer

If you are a 2010 Senior, know a 2010 Senior, or think you could morph into a 2010 Senior just for a great deal, then pay attention to this!!

Indy Photography is now recruiting Senior Ambassadors!

Up to two outgoing 2010 seniors per local high school will be chosen to receive a
great senior photography package!

Each ambassador will receive
two absolutely FREE sessions, 40 FREE wallets, and
an opportunity to earn even more FREE items!

For more details or to apply to become a 2010 Senior Ambassador,
please email

But hurry! All Senior Ambassadors must complete their first session by May 10th to receive this awesome package!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Belinda | Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Belinda and I have been friends since 5th grade. Well, that's not entirely true. What I should say is...we've known each other since 5th grade. We actually were a odds with each other at first. But, that was then and this is now! :) We try to get together whenever I am in Wisconsin visiting my family and this past weekend was no exception.

I forced -- I mean, asked -- her if she would be interested in doing a photo shoot, because she's so cute and has great fashion! She complied, and even though my camera started acting up during our shoot, I think we still got some great images.

wm e DSC_0362

wm e DSC_0374

wm e DSC_0379

wm e DSC_0388

wm e DSC_0397

wm e DSC_0401

wm e DSC_0425

wm e DSC_0407

wm e DSC_0415

wm e DSC_0442

wm e DSC_0448

wm e DSC_0454

Belinda, you were awesome. Thanks for agreeing to a photo shoot for absolutely no reason! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek from tonight's shoot before I head off to bed...

wm e DSC_0379

Come back and see more in a few days!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Heart (Dogwood?) Trees

I've lived in Indiana for 5 1/2 years now and all this time I thought the state tree was the Dogwood. I have no idea why I thought this except for the reason that they are EXTREMELY popular trees here. Think....every street. Earlier this week I stopped by a friend's house and they had a dogwood tree in their front yard. I've been carrying my camera around with me lately to capture any signs of spring that I can, so I politely informed her before leaving that I would be taking some pictures of her tree. She probably thought I was nuts, but...who cares.

After some early morning research, I have discovered that the beloved dogwood tree is not the state tree. It turns out that our state tree is actually the tulip tree....also known as the yellow poplar.

Psshh! Whatever. The dogwood tree is prettier.

UPDATE: I've been informed that these may not actually be dogwood trees. I was under the impression (via the sacred internet) that there were several types of dogwood trees and that this was one. However, upon even MORE internet searching, these do appear to possibly be Bradford Pear Trees. Does anyone know for sure??

wm e DSC_0385

wm e DSC_0382

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some That Didn't Make The Cut

For the main reason that I don't want my blog posts to run on and on for miles, I oftentimes skip a lot of photos that I really like because there are so many photos that I really love. But even the liked photos are sometimes so great that I can't believe I left them out.

This week is a little crazy around here. (But really, what week isn't?) As I was digging through some old archives for a project this afternoon, I came across some images that, for one reason or another, just didn't make it to the blog. But, lucky you! I'm going to share a few with you today!

wm e DSC_0693vintage

e 179

wm DSC_0240desat

wm 13 5x7

wm e DSC_0100

wm DSC_0395e

wm 30

e 233

wm DSC_0780e

wm DSC_0373

wm DSC_0203vintage

wm e DSC_0730

wm e DSC_0306 sepia

wm DSC_0227

e 241

wm e DSC_0713