Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just pretend these photos are not way behind schedule. Pretend you saw them six weeks ago. And while you're pretending...could you also please pretend my house in clean?

wm e DSC_0335

wm e DSC_0333

Have I mentioned my love of flying?

wm e DSC_0228

Everything in Portland was green! Although it was sometimes hard to tell through all the fog.....

e DSC_0010

e DSC_0157

wm e DSC_0190

We never did see the top of Mt. Hood. But I'm going to believe it exists 
based on other photographs I've seen of it. :)

e DSC_0135

e DSC_0189

Dear Portland, I miss you and your beautiful


Katy said...

So pretty!
We lived in Portland when I was 3 and you could see Mt. Hood from the hill where we lived. So cool.

Jennifer Demeter said...

Oh Heidi! I'm so glad you posted these!!! I miss Oregon soo much! It was so wonderful to see these. I too miss the green-green-ness! Thank you again! gorgeous captures!