Friday, February 12, 2010

Facebook, Here I Come!

I've had a personal Facebook page for several months now, but I just finally started a Facebook fan page. The whole "fan page" name makes me feel a little conceited, but please know that I'm only doing it to network. :)

However, that being said, there will be some FACEBOOK ONLY deals posted on my fan page (one of them will hopefully be announced very soon!) so you may want to head on over and become a fan. You wouldn't want to miss out on any great session deals or freebies, now would you?

I didn't think so. :) So go check it out and become a fan! (Or just click on the fake Facebook page below.) And while you're there, if you've been a client of mine in the past, check out the galleries. You might find one of your kiddos in there!



Melissa823 said...

It's not conceited at all! If I lived near you I'd market for you for free! I think you're awesome! I'll become a fan of your page right now! :)

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

MELISSA: Thanks for all of your kind words and for being such a loyal reader!

Beth Crocker said...

I NO WAY is it conceited at all! You are marketing!!!! Now, tell me what makes having a fan page different? Ihave a Facebook page as well (set to private), but have been thinking of doing the fan page thing too. What the difference?