Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do Your Part

I'm very boldly a pro-life advocate and was so happy to hear that CBS will be airing the Focus on the Family-backed Superbowl ad about the life of Tim Tebow, a college football player whose mother was advised to have an abortion. Tim Tebow was the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner and will be starring in the ad along with his mother, Pam.

If you agree that this is a favorable choice on the part of CBS to air this ad, I'd like to encourage you to drop them a line and let them know about your support for their decision. It's a very short form and it could make a huge difference in the lives of unborn children.


Beate said...

I just filled out the form. Thank you for suggesting this. I know a lot of times ProLife people have a bad reputation for complaining and I think it is important to say positive things as well.

suzzanna said...

ive done my part!! i am pro-life and i think its my duty asa christian to try to help save lives..especiaaly since my daughter died at 21 weeks (due to preterm labor)moomy loves you Kimani..thx for this post