Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hurry! Hurry!

If you're not a Facebook fan already, head on over right now and become a fan to get in on a special fundraising event taking place very soon!

Haiti is still experiencing earthquakes and the death toll continues to rise daily due to lack of food, water, and basic medical supplies. Hundreds of thousands of orphans live in Haiti. And despite the fact that we have four small children of our own, something inside me summoned up the word 'adoption' when I watched this video:

If you're not interested in pictures at this time, please consider finding another worthy organization through whom you can give to Haiti. We are SO crazy blessed here in America and anyone who has internet access can surely spare $20 or more. If you're not sure who to give through, I highly recommend Compassion International.


Beth Crocker said...

Bless you for this! My theatre students performed original monologues last weekend, on the 1 month aniversary. It was a small show, maybe 30-50 people came, but we raised over $300! These teens had nothing but ambivolence to the tragedy until they began looking at photo & reading stories. Then they woke up, in a good way!

Jennifer said...

I gave you a blogging award!