Friday, November 7, 2008

Oooo Pretty....

One morning about a month ago, my children and I were sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast when suddenly my son (3 1/2) suddenly spouted out, "The flower torr wasn't open." Inquisitive about what he might be talking about, I prodded, "What flower store?"

"It wasn't open," he responded. When I asked again, he seemed to be getting upset that I didn't understand his plain and simple answer. "It wasn't open!" he said loudly. Okay, okay. I get it. The store was closed. By this time, I naturally assumed that my husband had taken the kids to the flower store to get me flowers while I was at Bible study last night but hadn't been able to because "it wasn't open".

"Who took you to the flower store?" I asked. A little voice (my 2 year-old daughter) piped in, "Daddy taked us!"

So the surprise was ruined. But I found it quite humorous. I mentioned it to my husband a few days later (after waiting to see if I would get any flowers the next day). I told him that you can NEVER try to do surprise things with toddlers. And ABOVE ALL, you can never EVER tell them not to say anything. That's like a signed certificate assuring you that they will open their mouth about the subject at hand. My husband told me that now he couldn't get me any for a while because they had ruined the surprise. I told him it was totally fine with me if I already knew, but apparently he's big on the surprise factor.

I had completely forgotten about the flowers, but when I came home on Tuesday I found these beautiful buds on my kitchen table! Now, I'm not really one who's into taking a million pictures of a geranium outside my back door or the daisy I walk past every day on my afternoon walk. BUT since it's somewhat of a rarity for me to have flowers on my kitchen table, I felt the need to take some pictures of them. :)

wm e DSC_0150

wm e DSC_0155

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wm e DSC_0065

Honey, I know you don't really read my blogs, but THANK YOU! :)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

What a sweet husband!

daisygirl said...

VERY Sweet! I love those pics with the single flower.