Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just for Fun!

Several weeks ago I bought my 1.8 lens but I haven't really had much time to just play with it since I've been so busy. This afternoon, I suddenly decided that today was a good day to do just that, so I pulled it out, stuck in on my camera, and shot away. Here are my favorites:

I started in the kitchen. We've been working on puzzles lately and our most recent puzzle has about 400 pieces of blue sky. (Ugh!)

wm e DSC_0984

wm e DSC_0989

Sienna woke up right after I starting shooting, so I grabbed a few images of her. She's so adorably uncooperative. If she wasn't so cute I think it might upset me more, but come on....look at her!

wm e DSC_1032

wm e DSC_1006

We headed outside after a while where I was able to get the following images:

wm e DSC_1126

wm e bw text DSC_1101

wm e DSC_0010

wm e DSC_1081

Did I mention that I'm totally in LOVE with this lens??

wm e DSC_0032

wm e DSC_1130

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Nikon D80. (And a ShootSac would be nice too!) I'll leave you extra cookies. I promise.


kristin said...

I love these! Dont you love the bokeh!? Yummy blur.

Can you tell Santa to get me the D700? If he gives me the D700 I will give you my D80! LOL

Miney said...

I think that photo of Sienna is my favorite ever! She's so pretty!