Monday, November 24, 2008

A Beasley Christmas | Indianapolis Family Photographer

As I mentioned in the sneak peek, it was FREEZING COLD on Saturday. We had originally planned to do this session several weeks ago but when people got sick and the weather acted up, we put it off. We're already planning for an earlier Christmas shoot next year!

Anyway, onto the good stuff. We started out on the canal, but it was SO cold. Our time there didn't last very long before we decided to head downtown where we could at least poke our little heads into a store now and then if we got too cold. But once we got down there, it seemed so much warmer that we didn't even need to do any head-poking!

This was by far my most adventurous session to date. We climbed the Soldiers and Sailors Monument observatory tower! (Did I mention I'm afraid of heights? And small confined spaces? And staircases that lead to heaven?) I made it through with only a few minor emotional scars. After all, it was my idea to climb it.

Jason and Amanda (and Caitlyn), you guys were such good sports! Thanks for entertaining me and keeping me busy on a frigid afternoon! Hope you enjoy....

I wish I had taken more photos by this wall. But it was SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOLD!

A few individuals...

At the top of the observatory:

Amanda will probably shoot me for posting this one, but I love it!

My personal favorite of the day:


Gretchen said...

So is Jason just putting his hand in her pocket to keep it warm? Ha, those pictures are so good. It helps that you have a good looking family to work with.

Matthew Saville said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! Glad to meet you... Great images from this shoot, too!