Friday, November 7, 2008

Blue Cigars and Birthday Cake | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

When I arrived at the hospital last Wednesday evening, there was a celebration going on! The room was filled with family and friends and the baby was resting peacefully on Mommy's tummy. As I took my turn holding little Ari, I said aloud, "Awww, we need another one of these." I say that every time I hold a newborn and I mean it every time. I just love babies.

I knew he would be a beautiful boy and he certainly is! Do you remember his Mommy's maternity shoot? I mean, how could two people like this NOT produce a beautiful child?? :)


AJ and Angel (and everyone else who's anxiously waiting), I hope you enjoy these pictures!

DSC_0097 bw





DSC_0135 bw

DSC_0115 choc


DSC_0128 bw

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Anonymous said...

Those are some AWESOME pics., but I have to say that #7 is my fav. And yes, the birthday party was loads of fun!