Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby J | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Remember Katrina's maternity session back in July? Well, little Baby J was born on August 26th - a happy, healthy little girl. Because of a series of unfortunate events (okay, there was really nothing unfortunate - I just wanted to say that), we were just able to do Baby J's newborn pictures last week. So she's sort of a newborn - sort of a 5-week old. Okay, she's totally a 5-week old. But drop it, okay? :)

Here are some of my favorite images from Friday's session....

Just look at those teeny tiny baby socks!


She really loved this basket!


This is one of my favorites. See how content she is in there?


I was getting ready to do some diaper pictures of her when she suddenly fell asleep under the blanket. How sweet. I felt terrible when I had to take the blanket off though, because of course she woke up immediately.


We used this ribbon around Katrina's belly in her maternity photos, so we had to use it again here! (Don't ask why the size is off on this one. I uploaded it wrong.)


I am now nullifying the "Baby J" knickname. I don't normally give away the names of the babies in my blog, but I think this picture is adorable...and since her parents are friends of ours, I'm pretty sure they won't mind. :)


These are the roses that Derin brought Katrina in the hospital after she had given birth to Baby J. I think it's so sweet that she kept them!


Derin and Katrina, thanks so much for allowing me to take pictures of your sweet little girl! She was so good! But then again...maybe that had something to do with the fact that she's not really a newborn..... :)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Those are so sweet. That baby is so chubby and adorable.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute, I loved the roses and the pink ribbon! Great Job!