Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jaynes Family: Sneak Peek

For starters, let me just say that I am SOOO behind on my workload right now. In my mind, I only allowed myself to edit ONE picture from this session and I knew it would be this one as soon as I shot the image 2 hours ago.

I. Love. It.


Ok, now back to editing. It may be a few days before you see any more images from this session, but keep an eye out for a newborn session! :)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Wow, we love it! Ryan wants to know how the handsome guy is in that picture.

Anonymous said...
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Heidi Stone said...

Uhh, no.

Seriously now, Amanda....Gretchen would have to be like....9 months pregnant if I asked you to look forward to a newborn shoot for her. You do realize that, right? Lol.

Please note that if your scroll further up the blog (that is, postings which are closer to now) there is a newborn session. Yes, THAT newborn session. That's the one I was referring to.

Gosh, Amanda.....