Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and That

Occasionally I get the urge to post several photos that have absolutely no connection to each other whatsoever. Sometimes I do these in multiple posts, but today I want to do them all together....because I'm like that. So here goes.....

This and That #1

Today is Sienna's 3rd birthday! She is cute as a button and mean as a tiger. Seriously, this girl has some attitude. But she sure is adorable. She and I both got haircuts on Sunday (her first, my 587th) so yesterday I wanted to get some pictures of her new 'do. She totally loves the camera at all times except when I want her to. What a turd.

Here she is pre-haircut:

e DSC_0394

And now presenting...the NEW and IMPROVED - albeit relatively uncooperative - Sienna!!

wm e DSC_0420

wm e DSC_0424

wm e DSC_0423

This and That #2

Spring is officially here! At least in my book. Our bushes out back have really started to bloom (do bushes bloom?) and I'm excited to see more and more green every day! Note the growth that took place over the past 8 days:

Sunday, March 22nd

wm e DSC_0360

Monday, March 30th

wm e DSC_0428

Ignore the obvious difference in color. I apparently had different white balance settings on these two. Oh well.

This and That #3

It occurred to me this morning that I don't think I've made the pregnancy announcement over here yet. (Maybe I have and pregnancy brain is just taking over, but I don't think I have.) Since I have so many cross-readers from my other blog, I sometimes just assume that everyone knows everything. But we all know what assuming does.

That being said, I'd like to announce that the Stone family will be joined by another wee one this September! I'm somewhere near 16 weeks right now and am looking forward to the end of morning sickness. There is no picture to accompany this tidbit of information, but soon enough you will see snippets of the bump, so hang in there.

This and That #4

Our little Reagan has yet to have much of an interest in walking on her own. She'll walk all day if we hold her pudgy hand, but as far as doing it all by herself....not so much. She's now 18 months old and weighs more than any non-walking baby should, but we have hope that the time is drawing near. In the meantime, she has taken up this hilarious habit of standing on her head. And then sometimes falling over. You can see both of those things right here....

wm e DSC_0406

wm e DSC_0405

Yes, she does have clothes. But really, what fun is wearing clothes?

Monday, March 30, 2009

On my list of things to wish for....

I'm not normally the coveting type. Not very materialistic. Not really noticing what other people have that I don't. But there IS this one thing that I don't have that I would just LOVE to have. It's a Shootsac. And it's a beautiful thing.

I admittedly blogstalk several photographers on a daily basis, many of whom happen to live in California. (Apparently that's the land of photographers?) Jessica Claire is one of these photographers and she has designed the most FABULOUS shooting bag. It's made of neoprene
(the stuff scuba divers wear) so it keeps your lenses extremely safe, it hugs your body, and it looks just like a messenger bag (read: cute!). Extra bonus: It has removable, replaceable covers.

I've been pondering the purchase of one of these bags for quite a while, but it's the price tag that gets me. Even though every photographer who has one SWEARS they are the best thing on earth.....seriously.....$179?

I know. So here's what I'm proposing to you. I am announcing the first ever National Photographer Appreciation Day! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, a day for you to appreciate all the photographers in your life! I know, I'm so nice. This special holiday will take place on Thursday, April 9th. Why that date? Well because, Thursdays are kind of boring without national holidays, don't you think?

Now, should I happen to be your favorite photographer, here is a small gift suggestion for you. Shootsac offers gift certificates starting at just $25. One certificate from a very appreciative friend or client would be great, but you know, seven would pretty much get me the whole package.

I'm just sayin...

For those of you photographers who are blogstalking me.....please let me know if you have one and what you think of these! (Although I'm pretty sure you love yours....just like everybody else!)

**All images thanks to Google images.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Custom Cards

I always make sure my clients know that I offer custom-designed cards for all occasions, but it just occurred to me that I have no actual examples here on my blog. So, good for you, today is the day! There are several card options available, but for now, I will just post some two-sided flat card examples, since those seem to be the most popular.

This first card is an actual Christmas card that was used by some clients this past Christmas. I never want to give away the card before it's been sent/given out, but I'm pretty sure I'm safe now. :)

WEB A Merry Little Christmas 3 Front and Back

The next two are a few examples I made up with recent pictures. (And no, the birthday invitation is not, I repeat NOT real - even though Sienna's birthday is coming up next week.)

WEB Easter1reagan

WEB Birthday1frontandback

If you have an upcoming session and would like more information on what card sizes and options are available, be sure to ask and I will be more than happy to share the details with you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fruit Is My Friend

I'm always thrilled each year when the grocery store ads show a seriously decreased price on fruit. I'm even more thrilled when the fruit tastes amazing! We made a big grocery shop last night and stocked up on lots of fruit - fresh in season and bought at a lovely price!

wm e DSC_0382

wm e DSC_0358 (2)

wm e DSC_0366 (2)

wm e DSC_0368 (2)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is Coming!

.....but unfortunately, it was no more "here" down in southern Indiana than it is here in Indy. I found a few tiny flowers in bloom and a bit of green peaking out every once in a while, but overall it's still the dreary colors of winter.

I'm also still completely undecided about what I want to "brand" my pictures with. You know, my watermark. I know I need to find something I love and stick with it, but so far I guess I haven't found that "love". Anyway, you might note that these images have a different watermark than those of the past few months.

There are several waterfalls at this particular state park, but unfortunately most of them have been blocked off and are extremely hard to reach (as well as forbidden!) by foot.

wm e DSC_0359

And here are the very few signs of spring I found:

wm e DSC_0368

wm e DSC_0375

wm e DSC_0376

I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to spring as much as I am! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Heading Out....

I am spending this weekend at a state park and hope to get some great pictures of nature (read: SPRING!) while I'm there. (That is, assuming I'm feeling well enough to hike.)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Shoot the Moon

I really like shooting the moon at night....

wm e DSC_0232

....but I also think it's really cool when it's still out in the morning. :)

wm e DSC_0228 (2)

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ryan and Sara | Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

I am warning you in advance: this post is very long.

All of my clients are wonderful, but every so often you get a perfect day with perfect weather and perfect everything. Yesterday was one of those days. Well, okay...so the weather wasn't actually perfect to begin with. Our session started out with about an hour of chatting at Starbucks while the rain poured down outside. But I was SO glad we waited it out because the after-effect was BEAUTIFUL. The sky was perfectly diffused with the after-rain clouds and we even got the occasional peek of sunshine. It was warm enough but not too warm. Sunny enough but not too sunny. As I said...perfect.

Sara, I know I've semi-known you for quite a while but it was great getting to know you better and having a chance to hear your oh-so-romantic engagement story. ;) Ryan, you've picked a great girl! I'm glad you two decided to wait out the rain with me. I hope you love these pictures!

This was one of our first shots of the day. It's very possibly my favorite.

wm e DSC_0015

wm e DSC_0036

wm e DSC_0044

wm e DSC_0018

wm e DSC_0020

Why yes, these ARE 3-D glasses. Don't mock - you know you want some.

wm e DSC_0063

They were totally awesome - scaling buildings and standing in the middle of the street for me.

wm e DSC_0056

Of course, I did my fair share of standing in the middle of the street too.

wm e DSC_0071

wm e DSC_0066

wm e DSC_0083

What can I say? I have a weakness for signs.

wm e DSC_0101

wm e DSC_0095

wm e DSC_0133

I spotted this alley as we ran through the rain to Starbucks and knew I had to incorporate it at some time:

wm e DSC_0138

On our search for some really cool mural walls I had seen when I arrived downtown, we happened upon this huge delivery door. Score!

wm e DSC_0050

We finally found them!

wm e DSC_0174

wm e DSC_0189

wm e DSC_0199

wm e DSC_0185

wm e DSC_0207

And last but certainly not least, the beautiful ring:

wm e DSC_0224

wm e DSC_0059

Ryan and Sara, I had a truly spectacular time with you! I wish you the best as you plan for your upcoming wedding!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Are Lovin' This Warm Weather!

Yesterday was in the high 60s here and today it's in the low 70s. I don't know about you, but we are seriously tired of cold winter weather here in this household and are very excited about the peeks of sunshine and the warm temps. The kids have been outside a lot which has been a nice break for me and for them. I hope that, wherever you are, you are getting some warm weather too!

wm e DSC_0267

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bryan and Amber | Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

I first met Bryan and Amber at Kasey and Kristen's wedding last October. I noted that Bryan was always on time and that Amber wanted a winter wedding. So when it came time to meet for lunch this past Saturday, I mentioned to my husband that "we better be early" because Bryan is always on time.

Over lunch at TGI Friday's, we talked about how they met, the house they were considering buying, and all sorts of other things. Then we made our way into the frozen tundra (it was in the low 30s and WINDY). Amber was an extremely good sport. Please note her sleeveless dress and bare legs - BRR! But we had a great time.

Bryan and Amber, I really enjoyed getting to know you better this weekend am so happy you chose me as your engagement photographer! I hope you enjoy these photos....

wm e DSC_0044

wm e DSC_0035

wm e DSC_0089

wm e DSC_0094

wm e DSC_0125

wm e DSC_0129

wm e DSC_0135