Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, I did it. I just bought a new website. (And I got a pretty sweet deal on it, if I do say so myself.) I kind of had a website this past year, but...not really. You see, I bought a template through GoDaddy last year and was...well....I just don't know how to put this nicely....

I was completely dissatisfied.

So this time I purchased through BluDomain and I cannot WAIT for my site to be ready to go live! Depending on how much time I have on my hands over the next week or two, I'm hoping it will be up by next weekend, but.....we'll see. That's probably entirely too ambitious, but I have to set some goals, right?

I haven't forgotten about answering your questions. I was just waiting for them to stop streaming in and then trying to find the time to actually blog the answers.

Tonight I got out my remote shutter release that I purchased a few months ago. I removed the clear plastic device from the battery chamber and snapped a few shots. I'm happy to report that it's in excellent working condition but that I will not be posting any photos of me today. No sirree. My hair looks like crap and so does my makeup. And well, it's just too dark to be taking photos tonight anyway.

Last week, I had another press book come in. I'm always sooo excited when they arrive, all pretty in their beautifully-bound leather covers. Sara and Ryan, I hope you (and your families) love the book!

PressBook Collage - brown - 600wide

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