Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Lot of Talk

First of all, don't even ask what I'm doing up at this hour. Yes, I know I'm shooting a wedding today and yes, I know I should be sleeping. But I can blame all this on the pregnancy.....right?

I'm really excited to be shooting my last wedding of the summer with my new understudy - my husband! (And before I start touting about his excellence, let me just say that the wedding season is clearly just starting and that the only reason this is my last wedding of the summer is because of our impending little one who is due to arrive in September. Ok, back to Daniel....)

I mentioned this before, but it is totally amazing to me how quickly my husband can pick up on new things. I'm not even joking when I say that he can hear something one time - just one teensy-weensy time - and remember it forever. Unless, of course, we're referring to keeping his dirty clothes off the the floor. That would be the one exception. But I digress. :)

Last month, I shot a beautiful wedding in Iowa and, before we realized that it would obviously be impossible for him to help me out and watch our three munchkins at the same time, he had offered to second-shoot for me. You know, just to be nice. (What I really think is that he has a tiny interest in learning how to use the camera and helping me shoot a wedding would just be a great way for him to do so. But he made it sound like it would be all about helping me out. But I digress again.)

While we were on vacation, there were lots of opportunities to play around with the cameras. We totally pulled the OBVIOUS tourist card and both carried a camera with us nearly everywhere we went. But then again, really, who isn't a tourist on Mackinac Island?

I rest my case.

He seemed to catch on and enjoy himself so I offered him a second-shooting position at my next wedding....which just so happens to be today. So we scoured the yellow pages for a babysitter, got the cheapest one we could find for an all-day gig watching three toddlers, and booked!

No, just kidding. We got some relatives to watch them. Calm down, mom!

I tried to make it sound like it would really help me out if he could come and shoot with me. "I'm going to have to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes and what will I do if I miss something?" I said. He rolled his eyes, knowing good and well, that I've never missed an important wedding moment due to being in the restroom. "I could really use someone to help me carry around all my gear," I said. He rolled his eyes again, knowing that it's never been an issue before. But he complied.

The truth is....I think it sounds really fun to work with my husband! And maybe he thinks it sounds really fun to work with his wife! But isn't it so much more interesting not knowing for sure? :)

Are you wondering why I'm still typing and you haven't seen any photos? Alright, well just to appease you, here's one of my daughter. Are you tired of seeing my kids' cute faces yet?

wm e DSC_0739

Good. :)


Andy and Cari said...

good job! she is not doing the blank stare face!

Mindy said...

The more I see your yellow backdrop.... the more I think I need to get one. ;)
My dh was my assistant at my last wedding too - he was official 'gear guy'.