Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Oddities of Life

Don't even tell me that's not a word. I'm using it anyway.

My husband and I visited the House on the Rock a few weeks ago and I finally got around to looking at the pictures. If you've never been to (or heard of) the House on the Rock, well....hopefully these shots will give you a taste of the strangeness of it all. :)

wm e DSC_0391

wm e DSC_0424

wm e DSC_0389

Frog Girl

wm e DSC_0467

The Infinity Room (See my husband way down there?)

wm e DSC_0332

The music machines are so bizarre...

wm e DSC_0394

wm e DSC_0430

And finally...the world's largest carousel. (The picture doesn't do it justice.)

wm e DSC_0448


Erin H said...

Wow! Your carousel photo might be be the coolest picture I have ever seen!

Justin said...

I heard that place was pretty neat. Hey thanks for calling back by the way. J/J

Hannah said...

I love those bottles....all the colors!