Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family / Military

Last weekend I had the privilege of taking photos for my brother-in-law's family. One of the boys is in the military, had been home for a few weeks, and was headed back out the next day so we grabbed some pictures of him in his uniform. Here are a few of my favorites....

I originally tried using Flickr to post these images because I *heard* that it's supposed to be the best image quality, but I thought it was terrible! Everything looked all pixelated and awful. So I took 15 minutes out of my day and uploaded them from my computer. :( Does anyone else have experience with Flickr and Blogger?

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Miney said...

Wow, Heidi... those are fantastic. And you have done what no one else has done before... documented THEO in photo and he's not trying to avoid the photo!!! :)

P.S. Jacob thinks Travis's uniform looks like a police officer's uniform and a conductor's uniform. Conductor as in train. :)