Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's August and it's HOT!!!

I'm here in Wisconsin with somewhat limited resources when it comes to my photos, but I found some of these on my camera (and some I've taken since I got here), so I figured I'd post a few of my favorites so something can show up on my blog while I'm gone. :)

The day I drove up here was BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to capture the beauty of the day, but here's what happens when Heidi tries to take a photo while driving....

The park here in town has a mini zoo. This is the reason that I simply cannot understand why zoos can charge so much money. After all, it's FREE to see the animals here!

What can I say? I love babies in sunglasses!

Too bad there's no way this momma is going to let her
little girl get into the world of modeling!

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Lacy said...

Wow! Seems like everytime I check back your pics are even more awesome! I love to look bout once a week to see what new pics you will have posted! Great work!