Tuesday, April 27, 2010

He Family | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I first ran into them once at the CVS drugstore down the road from us. It was about 2 years ago and I only vaguely recognized them from church. I don't remember if Kristen was pregnant or if she had just given birth, but I remember that I thought it was odd to see them there. After all, I was just certain we were the only family from our church who lived more than 5 minutes from the church building.

Buddy and Kristen are supported missionaries at our church. And as it turns out, Kristen's parents live rather close to us.When she first called, I tried to run her name through my mental Rolodex but came back blank. Finally it came to me when she said, "We're missionaries."

Kristen, I'm so glad you found me through Cari's blog! (Thanks, Cari!) And dare I say...I'm really glad you weren't able to schedule an appointment at St. Vincent? ;) It was really great getting to know you during your session. You have two lovely little girls!

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Andy and Cari said...

anythig to help...beautiful...

Andy and Cari said...


Janet Vannest said...

These are beautiful photos and Michaela is gorgeous! Hopefully, we get see some more of Lydia. She looks so cute in her hat!

Beth Crocker said...

So beautiful & inspiring!

Melanie Elsey said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! Kristen was my very first friend and now we both have two kiddos each! Wow!

Sarah said...

I love the green blanket, looks like a little pea inside of a peapod. Cute.