Friday, July 17, 2009

Intentional Accidents

Whenever I first arrive at a location, I always tell my clients that I'm going to take a few shots while I'm testing the lighting. They relax for a minute and talk amongst themselves while I'm getting a foothold. Then I tell them that I always say that and that I oftentimes get some of the best images of the day from those few minutes.

While it's true that I am checking my settings, I really do love these few minutes at the start of every session. During a scene change at my last wedding, I told the bridal party this exact thing. And while reviewing the day's images, I found this one.

It's simple, it's real, and I love it.

wm e DSC_0074


Sarah said...

I love how Erik is helping Ashley prepare for the picture; it shows a glimpse of his charactor, and his love for her.

Kelli Harris Photography said...

Those accidental shots are always the best! =)