Monday, September 1, 2008

Kyle and Liz: Wedding

I think I officially met Kyle and Liz about a year ago ago at church when we finally ventured back into the Young Marrieds/Young Adults fellowship group on Sunday mornings. (My kids do a number on me, what can I say?) I remember the day they announced their engagement to our class. Even though I hardly knew them, it was so exciting! I love weddings!

As the months passed, I joined a Bible study with Liz and we have slowly gotten to know each other through our weekly Tuesday night meetings. Although she probably doesn't know it, Liz is a true blessing to my life. Her perky spirit and desire to be godly are an inspiration to me, and I love seeing her each week.

I knew they were having a relatively small wedding, but I asked if I could tag along to take some photos for my portfolio. I had already booked a wedding (my first one) for August 30th, but since they were getting married the day before I thought it would be perfect! What I didn't take into account was the very tiring weekend two weddings would produce.

Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time at the wedding. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! It took place in the Rose Garden at Franklin College (where I have an upcoming wedding in October) and the flowers were all in bloom. It was gorgeous!

Ok, enough blabbing. Onto the pictures...

First off is my personal favorite of the day.
Wait, who am I kidding? I can't choose a favorite! But I do REALLY like this one!


The beautiful bride


How gorgeous is her hair?!


Here she is with her bridesmaids. You'll notice they aren't looking at me. (I tried to stay out of the way of the hired photographer team as much as possible.) But aren't these girls stunning?


Check out those gorgeous bouquets!



I couldn't forget the shoes!


Alright, alright....enough about the bride. Onto the groom and his bunch. While the real photographer was doing boring standard poses (no offense, just not my favorite) with the bride and bridesmaids, I stole the guys away to take some pictures on the railroad tracks.
I know. We're oh-so daring.


These guys were so relaxed and cooperative!


And yes, I do have pictures of the guys WITHOUT sunglasses.
But much fun would that be?


These two were so cute during the ceremony. There was definitely lots of smiling going on!


Finally pronounced "man and wife"!


There is just something about this image of the receiving line that screams "1970s!" to me...


I must say, I do love bubbles far more than birdseed.


If I had to choose a second favorite image of the evening, it would be this one for sure. This was during the famous "removal of the garter". I just cannot get enough of their expressions!


Kyle and Liz, thank you for being so gracious as to allow me to tag along on your special day. I am SO grateful. Your wedding produced such beautiful images - I can't wait to put them in my portfolio!


Hanssie said...

Great job with the guys on the railroad track. Also love what you did with the header. How did you make it so big?

kristin said...

This wedding looks great! You did sucha great job for being your firsts! Hopefully this is the start of something great!