Saturday, September 27, 2008

James Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I'm going to call this photo session my first "favor shoot". As I mentioned yesterday in the preview, Betsy Walker is the uber-talented song artist whose music plays on my website (when it's not under construction). In exchange for music usage, she asked if I would do a mini family shoot for her, her hubby, and their pooch. I happily agreed. (What can I say? I love her music! And um, they're a pretty cute family.)

This photo shoot was extra fun because I've never before had a shoot with any animals. The puppy was an awful lot to keep up with (can you believe this little guy was actually MORE active than my kiddos??), but I think we got some decent photos with Dude looking at the camera. Aaand some with him NOT looking at the camera. :)

Ben, I have to hand it to you. For not liking the camera all that much, you did a great job!

Dude, you were the best puppy I've ever photographed! (See paragraph #2.)

And look beautiful, as always!

If any of you missed the preview (or for some reason failed to follow my explicit instructions), you MUST go to Betsy's site and listen to her music. Do it now. Seriously, stop reading this and go listen. This post will still be here when you get back.

Oh good, you're back! Alright, now you may look at the pictures. :)











My personal favorite from the evening....


Now, in case you're thinking, "Hmm, I wonder if I could do her some sort of favor and she would take my pictures for free," let me just say....BRING IT ON. I love favors and I love free. So try me!

Thanks again, Ben and Betsy! It was fun! Make sure you send me a Christmas card! :)

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