Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm the winner!

....of the Bad Mom Award.

Last night, our family walked down to the neighborhood playground for a quick exercise time before bed. Since the sky was such a beautiful blue, I decided that I needed to take some photos of my youngest daughter.

I found to perfect place and set her down to take a few pictures. I thought she was fussing because she doesn't really care to sit in the grass. I thought her cry face was adorable so I kept taking pictures for at least a full minute before I looked down at her legs and realized I had set her in an ant pile! Oh dear. Thankfully we don't have fire ants here, but these were still ALL over her legs and crawling up her torso.

I picked her up, brushed off all the ants and put her back in the stroller. *Sigh*

Sorry, Reagan.

I'm speculating here, but I'm guessing...

Before Ants

After Ants

1 comment:

Miney said...

True, she's screaming... but it is a pretty cool photo! Ants schmants! (I'm soooo just kidding... you know me and bugs!)