Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventures with Grandma, con'd

I know I said these would probably be up last week, but let me tell you something: Vacation Bible School is all-consuming. Even if you're ONLY working the nursery. 'Nuf said.

Here are a few more photos from when my mom was here last week:

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when you got to see those sweet before and after shots of my daughter in the ant pile? Well, here's another great B&A:



Are you guessing what was in the middle?
Well, guess no longer! Here he is!

Hope you all had a great weekend! More pictures coming this week from tonight's maternity shoot!

1 comment:

Hanssie said...

I love the first shot and the before and after ant one is so funny in a sad way :)

And yes, I agree of the all consuming time of VBS! I think I can sleep for a week now that it's done!