Thursday, May 27, 2010

Product Update: Accordion Mini Books

Accordion Mini Books are one of my fastest growing favorite products! I first announced these back in the late fall and they made their debut here on the blog in January. (Thanks for helping me find that, Katy!) Previously I was simply placing images directly into the template, but now I'm offering custom templates as well as custom covers! Here's a sample from Sarah's session a few weeks ago:


I highly highly recommend these adorable little books. Parents and grandparents LOVE them and they are small enough (3x3) to carry around in a purse or a pocket! I definitely encourage you to consider these with your next portrait session!

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Studio Marie-Eve S├ęguin said...

Hi, I'm also a photographer and would like to offer this product to my client. Where do you go, to order them? Thanks, Marie-Eve